Assam Elections a Virtual Walkover

Congress Mukt Bharat or Gandhi Mukt Congress

“Congress Mukt Bharat” Now that’s one slogan which is not turning out to be a jumla (poll rhetoric).
Firstly, BJP isn’t the only party involved in this so called ‘safai abhiyan’ (cleaning campaign).
Secondly, BJP itself has faced a couple of brutal defeats recently.
Love is in the air. BJP loves to hate Congress and finds itself lucky to be contesting the Rahul Baba brigade, at least in the federal format. The reason behind it is that it is the only party that can’t pose a contest, be it in Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra or Assam.
The incumbent was the Congress party but when it comes to regional hotshots, BJP is no match, be it in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu or even in Delhi; where they performed exceedingly well in General Elections but evaporated in Assembly Polls. Followed by Bihar, which many may call sheer arithmetic but the fact is that in Bihar, they lost on their prominent seats compared to the previous elections which many strategists in BJP must have kept in mind before the Assam polls.

Now for the Congress, they must have been introspecting how to introspect; like filing for an anticipatory bail.
Digvijay Singh’s digital whimper went viral on twitter, where he is seeking a major surgery for revival of his party. Well going by the pace of their downfall they will end up in history books soon and if BJP stays in power for another term they might well be exiled even from the history books. The writing on the wall is very clear and its prevalent in all major languages spoken in India, Congress needs a Gandhi Mukt Party for its bare survival.
Smarter guys who had the brains to do that did it. NCP broke up with Congress and is a force to reckon in Maharashtra while the TMC led by Mamata is the reigning force in Bengal. What fate they would have met if still rallying under INC, they all would have been wasted and frustrated following diktat’s of a man who when countered with a doubt of a possible defeat responds with an indifferent “So what”.
As quoted on NDTV by Himanta Biswa Sarma, who was the man Friday for BJP’s Assam win and the one who left Congress in disgust due to blunt comic approach of Rahul Gandhi towards serious issues; apart from his tiff with Tarun Gogoi who was busy in ascending his son in Assam pitting him against hugely popular Sarma.
Gaurav Gogoi became a blue eyed boy of Rahul Gandhi, another addition to his Papa Made Kitchen Cabinet joining Sachin Pilot, Jyotiaditya Scindia, Deepender Hooda or as we may say the Wren n Martin brothers all blissfully enjoying the dominance of spoken English in India. The only talent they showcase on Prime Time nonsense debates.

Apart from the Congress, the entire Indian politics have become slave of personality cult.
BJP – Narender Modi
SP – Mulayam Singh
BSP – Mayawati
JDU – Nitish Kumar
DMK – Karunanidhi (93 yrs old)
AIDMK – Jaylalitha
TMC – Mamta Bannerjee
AAP – Arvind Kejriwal
Every party reels under the shadow of a Person. The party becomes that Person, ideology of the party replicates the psychology of the person in command. So when the time comes to pass on the baton, the Person gets meek, shivery and virtually a headless body.
And when it happens, the party hits rock bottom and takes years to stand again.
Happened to BJP when Vajpayee hung his boots. It took good 10 yrs to find Narender Modi to swing them back in action.
As it is proudly chanted Modi Sarkar, it becomes less of a BJP sarkar and even they don’t have the second line of leadership in site, atleast centrally they don’t have an answer after Modi. He may very well lead them to another victory in 2019, then what elections will still happen again and again.
As for Congress, they don’t know where they are heading neither they are asking for directions. Rahul baba’s GPS seems to be running on 2G, which misses the right turns and amok the party runs. When we talk about personality cult Rahul Gandhi will never be that figure, so with Sonia Gandhi era all ripe to be taken over, Congress has no one to hold the baton unlike BJP who after Vajypayee, nurtured Modi for the national post.

Still don’t know of what major surgery Digvijay Singh was tweeting about when your party stands on rusting pillar of Gandhi’s and your vote bank has shrunk to a section still romancing with the Nehru – Gandhi nostalgia. Congress today doesn’t lose an election it gets decimated, BJP should be thanking the Congress because when they contest Congress it’s a virtual walk over.
In a nutshell, Congress won’t introspect as it can’t inspect the darling suspect.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi having a conversation


– Abhinav Dwivedi