Brexit – Bruised Britain Exits

Humorously Yours

Brexit Special



  • Cameron Exits – Courtesy Brexit


  • Brexit equation was aimlessly fun, as ‘leave camp’ wins,  intending tons of pun.


  • Brexit diarrhea is sure gonna spread, the EU nations better get their diapers prepared.


  • Brexit becomes a botox mishap, amid doomsday cheers, pound braves tears.


  • Fraxit will follow Brexit, yet another xerox in the fray, that’s it.


Elizabeth II Queen of England


  • Boris leads the race, Cameron has resigned, Queen couldn’t care less as her crown fits fine.

donald trump


  • Indian techies will cut the chase, with Brexit here and Trumping there, instinctively ain’t worth a race.


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Compiled By – Abhinav Dwivedi