The Child, Soldier’s On

The Journey from Kalashnikov, to textbooks, to the Grave


It was yet another day at office. Punishing though, as it gets really hot in my part of the world in summers.


We were short of ammo and my commander was severely wounded. I was leading the assault for good ten days now. The Taliban laid siege at our post in quite a brutal way. My gun seemed to be getting heavier with every passing minute but we didn’t give up. We held our position before the reinforcements arrived. This wasn’t my first gun battle but yeah it was my last though.


Here I am in front of the Almighty now. Yes you are dear, but son aren’t you just 10. Yes I am Lord Almighty.


My note above is inspired by the lesser known story from yet another god forbidden zone of Afghanistan.


A young child named Wasil Ahmad merely 10 years of age, who led the fire fight against the Taliban as regular police militia. For 10 days firing rockets from the roof, operating with a good old Kalashnikov, which is like a staple diet for every Afghan. Wasil was protecting his village, his 2 younger siblings and his comrades from an absolute death called Taliban.




We condemn the child soldiers who were turned into killing machines in Sierra Leone, on the contrary Wasil was awarded for his bravery. It’s true that he was fighting for a sanely justified cause but don’t we have enough insanity in that part of the world already. Are we so short of men that we have to enroll child soldiers? The US is condemning it now but these very militias are sponsored by the US aid.


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Well the worst part is Wasil gave up weapons; he got himself enrolled in a school (4th grade). And one day while Wasil was out to get some vegetables; a motorcycle, 2 talibs, 2 bullets, 1 tiny head and world received another martyred child soldier. The Taliban claimed another Stooge militiaman (according to them). A kid as brave as Wasil Ahmad, who with his valor; could’ve been an excellent Army Commander someday – an absolute rarity in Afghanistan. But to ensure that those sweet little fingers should have first felt the wood of a soft pencil before being exposed to cold hard metal of the trigger. God hasn’t designed them that way. Let’s keep it easy initially.


“A war that includes four-year-olds with AK 47s is a war that no one can win — been if some men… go home victorious.” ― Alex Latimer


By Abhinav Dwivedi

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