Women Cricket – Watch It Without The Guilt

Sarah Taylor is married and has two kids. Hard luck guys. Well, this is the second most awe-aspiring thing trending on social media these days, apart from the new-found feminism which was installed in the minds of our cricket (MALE) loving nation.


Who is Sarah Taylor?


Well! She is the Wicket Keeper of the English Women’s Cricket Team. Yes, you got it right; a majority of the Indian men must have had a gala time with their beers and beer bellies ogling at the English girls. That’s what they love more than cricket and any day more than women cricket; but of course, after Facebook Post to wish good luck to the choriyan as part of the trending ritual, to not be left behind. Then back to ogling and stalking, to an extent that they were out with her family history. Well real hard luck guys, cause unlike some losers, she is playing some fine cricket.


Sarah Taylor, Women's World Cup, Cricket


Sarah Taylor, Cricket, Women's World Cup


So, people who voluntarily got their balls slashed and became feminists for a day with their ‘go for it girls’ slang, their cry for equality would have really been put to test if they had to subscribe a different channel to watch the game; then we would have seen the real spirit and power feminism.


Well, our Indian Facebook warriors should have seen the way Brits turned up to support their girl’s. The entire Lords Stadium was packed with Brits, just like when the Indian Men’s Cricket Team plays and the entire stadium looks like a Southall ghetto. It was all Brits supporting and cheering their team, a nation which is soccer crazy. As they say, action speaks louder than words. Can’t say how many of us would have spent money to watch the girls play, even if the match was played in India.


Women's Cricket Team, Women in Blue


Apart from the flashy social media good luck posts, the real gems came from the girls watching the match or rather the ones who braved to watch the match. Their absolute horrific comments for the Women in Blue were not about the game but on their looks; Poor girls braving the sun; their skin is so tanned; damn will they ever be married (especially by wives); what if any injury you know in any awkward area. Well nobody raises a question when in a men’s game someone gets hit on the balls. No wonder in the deep dark corner of our Vedic Indian hearts there still lies the preference for a male child.


Anyway, firstly shame on them; secondly, yours is just or might just be a shade fairer than the girls braving the sun and lastly, you are dark by world standards. Luckily the world is moving over the colored concept, so get out of your black and white era, even our TV screens got colors long back and it’s wonderful.


Some living room cricket pundits had some rather insightful takes on the women’s game, like

  • You know women game is very slow
  • See the bowling, they hardly touch 110 kms


Well, guess what couch douches their male counterparts are. THE MEN IN BLUE, whom you adore are the slowest lot when it comes to pace attack, it’s been like that for 5 decades. Moreover, first genuine medium pacer was Kapil Dev. On the other hand, we have a legend named Jhulan Goswami going strong at 34. Kapil Dev retired at 34.


Besides they came to the foray battling more meaner comments and situations and they reached where they are without your so called charitable support. They twisted your patriarchal arm hard enough with their performance, that you had to take notice and say well done. So, when you say it, say it like you mean it. Don’t say it cause its trending and sounds fit.


Because when you truly mean it,

You won’t

  • Ogle at the goris
  • Feel snobbish comparing your skin color with theirs
  • Judge the pace of the women bowler

You will

  • Stay glued to the TV
  • Have empty streets
  • Track scores on cric buzz


And when you do that, I don’t have to introduce Sarah Taylor to you. Besides she is not married but is a hell of a wicket keeper.


RIP fake news


As for the Indian Women’s team, in-spite of the patriarchy spilling beans, charity cheerleading and pseudo feminism infecting the social media keeping you the no 1 trending hashtag on twitter for a day to be taken over by Monday motivation hashtags the day after, when it’s kept alive for a longer period for the men in blue, especially if they manage to reach the final.


Pull up your socks, you lost a world cup final. Don’t forgive and don’t forget.