From Oh Wow! To WTF!


While in Switzerland, researchers at the Écolepolytechniquefédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) were able to restore movement in the legs of two paralyzed rhesus macaques (monkeys) via brain implant; While NASA’s Dawn probe sent stunning new views of the dwarf planet ‘Ceres’; India managed to finally create zombies hunting for ATMs.


A pan India epidemic spread like wildfire. The zombies started queuing outside the ATMs, drunk on the buzz “black money will come back”. Ironically, they came to fetch their own money.


Well as the zombie phenomenon started to take shape, with ATMs running dry, in spite of bankers’ blood and sweat getting poured in it isn’t generating the required inky smell of currency, this sheer gloom has triggered some sanity.


Where people started to question, at least to themselves – WTF is going on?


With numerous economists putting in their views, some FOR demonetization while some AGAINST it. Some logical ones were of the view, that you can kill the stock, what about the flow. Some had a fairer idea of the economy and their reply was EPIC “We stand by Modiji”.


Fine! All cool, now whom are we fooling?


Firstly, let’s keep the economists and politicians aside. Secondly, when this announcement came, urban middle class rejoiced as they had the luxury of plastic money. Rural folks were left with no idea of what happened until they got shooed away from the banks they visited after a walkathon.


  • Trolls took charge of social media, with a new dictionary of abuses at disposal
  • Media was declared biased or paid or pro-Modi
  • Some bank accounts swelled overnight
  • Some decided to burn their money
  • Some carved out ways to convert whatever can be


Thirdly, the big guys who had the real maal (money stacked) – black, white, grey, you name the color they have it, must have heard this announcement like “Whatever! on the rocks”.


And lastly, BJP party workers must have had a good laugh, with elections looming with some sniff on. Well if they didn’t, then I think we should all believe that there is an Alice in Wonderland somewhere.

Prime Minister vs the RBI


The funniest part is that the Government is chasing out 1000 rupee notes and bringing in 2000. Patriotically, the announcement came from the Prime Minister, though it’s the prerogative of the RBI. Not to worry, the new notes have the signature of the new RBI Governor, in case you missed out.


At this stage, all I can recall is an old Bollywood song featuring Rajesh Khanna from the movie Roti Yaar hamari baat suno, aisa ek insaan chuno, jisne paap na kiya ho, jo paapi na ho.


Whatever taxes we’ve been paying for decades, have we been given full worth of or have we even asked for it. We are still stuck with charcoal beautified roads before every election.


Therefore, black money or no black money and whatever miniature % of it would be killed by this move; it’s not worth the division and death and mayhem it has caused.


I think as citizens with zero political affiliations, we were better off without it.


57 died (allegedly but sadly still counting) with no time to regret,

Some had heartache, and some had no bread;

As pockets go broke, all hail the masterstroke”


Jai hind