Discovery of Recovering India

Writer – Abhinav Dwivedi

Columbus sailed for us, but he discovered US.
Our shores were wide; perhaps he got swayed with a different tide.
Well our ancient times were golden rich; Aryabhatta tasked the stars, long before Greenwich.
He made the Nanda dynasty mourn; Mr. Chanakya scripted a non-fictitious Game of Thrones.
King Porus restricted the marauding cavalry, but Mughals after Alexander unleashed the savagery.
Our civilized roots were hard to tumble, contagious as they are even made Mughals a little humble.
As our rich heritage began to nose-dive, Mughals ruling the North, Southern Kings weren’t interested to thrive.
The fragrance of our spices did the trick, after Chinese scholars, White Men found their new fetish.
Portuguese, French and the Britons came, strongest of them all changed the rules of the game.
Long live the Queen’ became the order of the day; the chant was there to stay for odd 73,000 days.

Divided we Fell, to be United as Slaves”, after lustful plundering Brits introduced civics to foray.
Broken, battered and bruised, we had Pakistan and India to choose.
The tag line said Britons ‘Divide and Rule’; But dude! Weren’t we UNITED only under the British rule?
So the British Raj gave us police to control and army to patrol, trains to travel and a country to unravel, a currency to pay, and ENGLISH to suggest and have a say.
When staunch of partition was done and dusted, political gimmickry became the phenomenon to be trusted.
With scripted lives and 5 wars till day, this political gimmickry still nudges its way.
With Y2K generation all in command, we are still divided over Imaan and Sammaan (honor).
The gimmicks say, “India won’t be stalled with Brexit’s brawl”; Dude we are too poor to be enthralled with an extravagant withdrawal.
So the Aryabhattas and Chanakyas did their job; India today is still getting robbed.
The Left, the Right, the Centre are just views to portray; they all walk hand in hand in a parliamentary way.
To justify Y2K we need to mark ourselves as Tested OK,
Rhetorical limericks are the gimmick’s way; its 2016, India has yet to earn its righteous say.

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