Lion of the pride (suspension of our old fella’s)

Lion of the pride

The change of command in the pride comes with wounds, lot of blood and an old lion left deserted and physically devastated.He chooses to die with the spirit of a SUPREME PREDATOR, who rest in peace only if they have broken bones and teeth.


What I am about to discuss might not be applicable to every household; it’s an observation which seeks attention because people discussed they won’t beg for it ever.


Ever thought, why in the parks or in the super market, most of the times we find grandfather alone with their grandchildren. Let’s find out why.


It’s a new found phenomenon which amuses me. These days when the son starts earning well, he starts talking to his dad from whom he was at time stayed away at times scared.

Though still begging and pleading him to feel happy about him for “him being the man now”.Such constant interactions make them look really stupid.


Well it’s the ‘Lion of the Pride’ who takes it in his stride, at times confused and at times amused.


As time passes, usual scene at family get-togethers which used to revolve around the Dad (the Lion) now starts to revolve around the son. Mother shines in the glory and all the praises and envy of the relatives makes her blush.

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It’s heartening to see many male oldies dozing off on the sofa, in an awfully loud chatter around during festivities because there is no mention of them in the day long chatter.


Another such usual site is when the son gets a new car and the family is driving somewhere. The old father usually keeps mum as the family chats and the mother insists” कभी tareef भी कर दिया करो बच्चे की “(at least you should praise him sometimes)


Old soul speaks gold “Keep your feet grounded son and I am very happy for you”.

The young son is perceived to be in route with the time, he is an expert on everything from financial matters to gardening to health guide to female jewelry designs, leaves mothers spell bound.Father still just amused.


But that just doesn’t add up for us today.


What adds up is when your mother or sister goes to some party and they literally bomb out eardrums of everyone around, boasting about ‘THE SON’S’ salary, his job, even his spouse in sight and how they have been flooded by like a zillion proposals.


मेरा बेटा ये है , मेरा बेटा WOH है ,superman भी  क्या है , JO मेरा बेटा है.(my son is no less than a superman)


Forgetting what the old man was providing then was best in the clan. Weird! it was pretty cool back in the days BUT NOW it doesn’t add up.


Cause Mr. Richie rich can get his mom the Premium Silk Sari all the way from south just with a click of the button.


With age our lions lose their friends, some to death, some to distance.His only left treasurehis “Beloved Wife”, still fighting over issues which made her unhappy like a generation ago.


To which they think, “Was I that bad”, and somewhere they confess to God or to the little soul in the cradle“Given a choice I would change my past, but this is not what I grew old for”.


Now we know why we find grand kids with grandfathers, because the house at times with all the happiness suffocates them and they find solace in the time out with the little soul.


We break them gently and unknowingly by giving them heaps materialistically and alienating them emotionally.


A hand who has given us his whole life will seek something material, the very thought is weird.

The lion rests in peace with broken bones and teeth, our lions will rest in peace if they have left people around them without complains.


Cause as sons and daughters and wives’, we may have complains but they will never complain.

God has designed them to take care of their pride, let them do that proudly.



Looking forward to comments hope you enjoyed reading


Abhinav Dwivedi