Age is Just a Bummer

A conversation between Priya, the bride to be and Shirly her friend; Mr. Ray, the bride’s father and Mr. Singh, Mr. Ray’s friend


Mr. Singh (shocked) – Are you out of your mind. That man you are suggesting to be a suitable match for Priya is 11 years older to your daughter. What are you thinking my friend?


Mr. Ray – What mind! He is just 36. Look at Priya, she is already 25. Besides they both have spoken for good 2 hours, they like each other. All is well and the boy will be moving to States soon.


Mr. Singh – He even is getting bald. And for heaven sake, don’t call him a boy.


Mr. Ray  – Don’t talk rubbish. You too are getting bald, so what. Such a handsome salary, I mean such a handsome boy. Won’t let him slip away. You come eat and have fun at the wedding. Don’t think too much. Spare your remaining hair.


…… In another conversation between Priya and Shirly


Priya (excited) – You know in 2 months we will be off to States.


Shirly (surprised) – Don’t tell me, you said Yes to the 36 year old uncle because of States. Moving to the US is no big deal now. It’s not like the “Java Wave of the 90s”, who selected the prince charming or may I say the orgasmic dollar loathed numbers.


Priya – Of course Papa and Mama selected him. But it’s not like that, I mean I did not say Yes because of States, he is a decent guy, good looking too, so it’s an add on.


Shirly – Yeah his face resembles US map. Besides that bald uncle is 36. Seems you must have considered an IVF already (teasing sarcastically).


Priya – I know that pretty well. So as soon as we move to the US, we will start a family. As it would be an ideal age to consider motherhood too, you know the mid – 20’s.


Shirly – Yeah right. Guys don’t have the luxury of menopause. But you know what, you could have bargained for a better deal with your age and with the dowry at stake. You could have easily shopped for a 30 year old.



What if Priya was ’36’

Mr. Singh – Just get it done Ray. You are lucky the groom is just 39. With your daughter turning 36, nobody below 40 would even consider her in our society.


Mr. Ray – Tell me about it. All the proposals I am getting are in their mid 40’s, divorcees or widowers. I tell you it’s a curse to have girl in this country. More so, when she is over 30 and not married yet. Your own society treats you like you are selling your second hand car.


Mr. Singh – Look Ray, just get it done. So what if the guy is just a government school teacher. Any which way he lives in a Tier 2 city, where living isn’t that expensive.

He is still young; he might retire as a Principal of the school. But just get over with it. You have been tensed for the past so many years, trying to find that perfect match for Priya. But now this is too late.


Conversation between Priya and Shirly……..



Priya (thinking aloud) – Wonder if I could just say no to this melodrama. But I know I can’t. In this great country of ours, it is an ultimate mission to siphon off your daughter. Screw this. What’s your story when is the second one arriving?


Shirly – In 3 months. But I tell you what, don’t be depressed. Once you will have a child, things will fall in line. So don’t wait, just get done with it in the first year only. Anyways you guys are not young, so why wait. Hope you haven’t agreed to dowry.



Priya – Really? Did you oppose it? Get real. You don’t just drown someone that easily, you have to tie heavy stones to their bodies. And in my case the body is pretty heavy with age already, so lot of stones are required to drown me for years of so-called happy married life.


Shirly – You are funny. At least you are getting married before your menopause.


“In India, 90% of marriages are still arranged, with an amazingly low 5% divorce rate.

Sounds numerically purposeful but socially controversial.


So India of 2016 implicates 3 scenarios

  1. Women find themselves settling to be settled 
  2. Men are mostly rewarded or earn some consolation to say the least (even the bald ones)
  3. Live-in  relationship, love marriage, inter caste marriage are still a big HAWW

– By Abhinav Dwivedi


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