Optimism in Nepotism Bollywood style

On Father’s Day, there are two prominent fraternities in India, who can really thank their fathers. Fathers who have saved them from being a douche and have created an icon out of a douche, something like The rock garden in Chandigarh. They are the pioneers where the phrase aptly fits “Do you know who my father is?”
The two epitomes or rather manufacturing units of nepotism in India are:
  1. The Bollywood fraternity, &
  2. Our beloved Neta’s (politicians)
They have so brutally crushed the entire Janta out of these two spheres, that it becomes evident that so and so constituency is my baap ka maal (father’s property).
In the movie ‘Wake up Sid’, one of Ranbir Kapoor’s dialogues quietly aptly fits the situation. When asked what does he does – he replies,“Main apne papa ke paise kharch karta hoon” (What I do is, I spend my father’s money).Won’t be surprised if he still does that, at the rate with which he is delivering flops.
Well that very well sums our Bollywood today. So no matter you are fat, dumb, frustrated or irritating but if your father is an Actor, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter or you can personally dial special names in  Bollywood,  he (the father) will shove you down audience throat and they will have to consume your talent till they choke on it, because there isn’t any.
So in Bollywood, if you are not “Papa-made”, but an actor slogging out at National School of Drama, you will possibly never get a chance. Rightly so and why pity the NSD actor, isn’t talent judged by ‘getting a break’. For girls they have casting couch facility available. Now that facility is available for guys too, with some allegedly big names involved; but again talent need not apply.

If we look at our Bollywood film industry, my eyes swell with tears when I witness a vast majority of supremely talented pool, trying hard for over a decade, to crack themselves into a niche; crying out loud in multiplexes that they can act. From Ritesh Deshmukh to Vivek Oberoi from Junior Bacchan to Tushar Kapoor and to their supremo the actor, singer & director and becoming none of them but wannabe Farhan Akhter; all struggling for over a decade and failing to convince the audience. Don’t worry guys, you all are apple of your respective dad’s eye. They will keep fueling your hard work and one day they will convince the Janta to give you run for their money.
More recent strugglers range from Varun Dhawan to Jacky Bhagnani from Shraddha Kapoor to Sunil Shetty’s daughter and the famous ex-boyfriend of Late Jia Khan. Well the list seems to be never ending.
These guys are so talented that many of them have left their studies early. No no not college drop outs, by early I mean real early, intermediate or so for them its  like that for a grocery store owner’s son, ultimately he has to to manage papa’s shop. Arjun Kapoor has just completed intermediate then he deflated his tummy and became an actor son of producer cheers; Alia Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, she is so brilliant that she made a spoof on herself to justify being dumb like we were not convinced enough already. Tiger Shroff could have been a good gymnast but no, cause then he would have to compete. That would have been such an insult as he would have not reaped the benefits of being Jacky Shroff’s son. Besides he always knew he will be manufactured into an actor.
Some are such terrific actors that they took early retirements like Mr. Uday Chopra. May be he wanted Jacky Bhagnani to continue his successful legacy.

When we recall names like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddique and none other than Irrfan Khan, have we ever wondered why we can name so few really good actors now a days.
They all evolved in 70’s & 80’s, struggled and breached the main stream cinema. But in this new arrangement where garbage like films such as Rowdy Rathore can mop a 100 Crores and on top of that this fast spreading gangrene of sons and daughters of fraternity spreading, wonder if the likes of these actors would have ever been considered amid absolute rot of nepotism prevailing in Bollywood today.
Irrfan Khan had a 30 second slot in Salaam Bombay (1988), imagine the years he must have slogged to finally became a Hollywood celebrity. Don’t know if many such talents will ever be noticed under the dark and stale shadow, which reads “my son/daughter will be launched soon”. Mind you, there are heaps of teenage star kids waiting in the wings to be celebrated in Bollywood, to be shoved down our throats.
“Nepotism is a disease which cannot be transmitted, but can only be inherited”
(to be continued)
Will discuss about our Netagan (political fraternity) in our next article
 – Abhinav Dwivedi