Nepotism in Politics – Gangrene of Blue Bloods

Part II

In continuation from Optimism in Nepotism – Bollywood Style

 Once upon a time in Haryana

Reporter – ताऊ तुमने अपने पोते को ही ticket दे दिया  (Sir you gave the ticket to contest elections to your grandson only)


Senior Leader – और कया थारे पोते को देता? (So are you saying I should have given it to your grandson)




When we talk about nepotism and politics, it sounds quite disgusting yet evidently accommodated. Seems like it was about the time when the sons and daughters of politicians were 25 and have had enough fun in life, civics now allows them to contest elections and can legally now screw the public. More so, the father will lay down the red carpet for him/her to come and sting the public’s senses.

Bihar Elections


Very recently, we saw a brazen display of nepotism in Bihar Elections, when two of Lalu Yadav’s sons were sworn in. Tejasvi Yadav, a 9th-grade school drop out was sworn as the Deputy Chief Minister. A failed cricketer, who appeared as the 12th man for Delhi Daredevils, will now decide what needs to be done in Bihar. Another brilliant performance by the other genius heir of Lalu was Tej Pratap Yadav, who wasn’t even able to recite the oath correctly will now be dictating and instructing young IAS and IPS officers. Those bureaucrats who slogged hard to be where they are, only to be smirked at by the learned ruling class. More than the janta, it is a misery for Nitish Kumar.

What is wrong with Nepotism in Politics?


Most noteworthy, it is not just the lack of education, even if they were educated, their lack of sensitivity and objectivity to be out there to represent people is absolutely absurd. Now is not the India of the 70’s, which will look up to them as messiah ensuring ration cards. This country is young, getting educated fast and they need self-respect more than scripted empathy. The problem with nepotism in politics, unlike Bollywood, is that it hampers the very functioning of our nation and eventually our lives.


This is the very rust which will make India absolutely shallow with no point of return; because these so called heirs of their father’s throne will supersede their father’s hunger for power in luxury, much to their father’s dismay; as they will do it in a more blunt and absurd fashion without being feeling slightest fear or guilt.


This is the breed which was born and brought up on stolen silver spoons from the country’s taxpayers money. Most of the politicians who charmed the ballot in the 80’s and 90’s were out laws or influential personalities in their area, managing to crack their way to became netas (politicians).


So in a nutshell, although they were not the appropriate set of personalities to be elected, they still knew what to do, how much to steal, when to say sorry and when to be shameless.


Now this brigade of anointed prince and princesses lack the guilt factor; being humble is a taboo for them. They have only mastered the skill of screaming on the household servants.


Dynasty Politics


Ironically when people in India are quickly losing charm with the dynasty politics yet our blue blood sickeningly tries and hold onto their inherited thrones, only to unearth the tantalizing stupidity.

Rahul Mahajan


After the demise of Pramod Mahajan, BJP seized the opportunity and named his son Rahul Mahajan BJP’s youth face in Maharashtra. Nobody knew him until he stunned everyone after a few days of being elected when he was caught flying high at a rave party. Well! The party did not relinquish, they promoted his daughter and she was elected from North Mumbai. She too had her share of controversies, most recent being the train which was re-routed especially for her.

Akhilesh Yadav


Uttar Pradesh’s CM Akhilesh Yadav went to Australia for studies; holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Mysore. A good 42-year-old man, easily being bullied by his father and his clan. People voted for him as a young leader, who will face away from old Samajwadi Party (SP) trend of hooliganism and will ensure hope and sanity in the state, if not development. Well in UP, it was, as usual, SP had its old way working hard to grab its lost ground to a decade rule of BSP; police catching ministers; Buffalo riots and latest was Mathura. Many believe it’s Mulayam Singh Yadav’s writ which runs in the state; he appointed him to make his roots strong after he steps down. You know training him the Samajwadi way like father like son.

Pankaja Munde


Then you have Pankaja Munde, daughter of late Gopinath Munde who was given cabinet berth in Maharashtra government. She plummeted to fame by her latest controversy selfie in drought hit Latur. The pic went viral on social media; her late father would not have done anything that brazen.

Rahul Gandhi


And to top it all we have Rahul Baba and his blue blood buddies which make an SPG like protective seating structure around him in Parliament. Arnab Goswami once made a very stinging observation; he said that wherever Rahul Gandhi leads the election campaign, Congress doesn’t lose, it gets decimated.


The list seems to be endless, so does their acts. These papa made kids, born and brought in absolute luxury seem to be clueless about the appropriate things to do and then they get awarded with such responsible posts. I mean they are the people who before joining the political band wagon were having fun studying abroad or partying or playing cricket with best of the facilities, having an army of servants and now you expect them to work. Well, you know what kind intent and dedication they bring to the table.


Well, its evident what they drive us into. India need to steer clear of them or this nepotism and inertia of inefficiency will be the main source of brain drain in India and they will be left with India where they can again frivolously be distributing ration cards.


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