Rampant soul and Rebel dreams

I am a free soul
in a caged body.
I have my dreams
But i’m out of choices.
I have my voice
I’m yet to be heard
I have my fears
Yet to be conquered
I wanna live high
Always on the edge
 With fear on my mind and
Courage in my heart
I wanna party, party wild
Breaking all my limits
I wanna explore new people
For friendships are countless
I wanna be with the one i love
Always. Without orthodox.
I wanna break through
I wanna start new
I want to go out. Alone. Or with anyone i like
I am not liable to anyone; answerable to anyone.
I wanna live free
I wanna be me
I don’t need permissions
I am done with hesitation
Spare the soul
Let free
Let me, Be me.