Deuce At Work, Advantage Love

One chilly February night in London


Dad – What’s troubling you Sunny boy?


Sunny (Son) – Well! It all started in February, we both landed up for job training. We got along well from day one, we both slogged hard; it was grueling training before getting started with the job. We both so wanted to do well in the job, that in spite of our close friendship and innumerable casual breaks, we remained focused on our jobs.


Dad – Then what happened son?


Sunny – Well we both were blessed with the same assignment; we both were working together; it was like a work place wonder for me.


I tell you Dad, she was way better than me; rather she was amid the best. Besides, may be I was too distracted and that was a vital project to be assigned. It was so blissful when we exchanged smiles; enjoyed drink breaks and talked like chatterboxes. But as soon as the break got over, she used to get very serious and was back on the job with her 100%.


So lightning struck one day and I committed a mistake. Bam! I was transferred to a different division.


Dad – Holy Moly! But son you hadn’t even asked her out formally. That’s real bad news.


Sunny – Well it was my mistake, it was the most important project and I flunked and got transferred as a punishment.

Days went by and I could not catch up with her. My work area was far away and by the end of the day it was tiring enough to just crash, leave apart catching up.


Phones were not allowed at the work place, so no luck there as well.


My lousy performance on work got me transferred even farther now. I now knew what a long distance relationship felt like.


Dad – Hey how could you possibly know that feeling, you guys didn’t even go out once. What relationship are you talking about?

Sunny – Dad believe me, it was there.


Dad – Alright son! So what’s up now?


Sunny – I have been reassigned on the same project; will see her tomorrow. Their team saw some dropouts on health grounds.


Dad – Best of luck son.


Sunny – Thanks Dad! I sure need it.

So there they were. Sunny was placed opposite to Erica on the Wimbledon Centre Court on the final Wimbledon match played in London.


Yes Erica gave Sunny the widest smile; Sunny gave her a blissful blush and amid the Serves and Volleys and numerous rallies they both emerged as the winners in loves (with due respect to the Wimbledon champions).


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Image: Official Wimbledon Website


Credit: AELTC/Thomas LovelockErica and Sunny went for a movie after the match, their actual first date and decided to re-apply for the Wimbledon’s BBGs (ball boys and girls) selection next year too.


Erica warned Sunny not to be sloppy and not to get transferred from the Centre Court to nineteenth Court, because that really is a long distance relationship.


Remember! The training begins in February.


Dedicated to all hard working Wimbledon’s BBGs.


By – Abhinav Dwivedi


Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this story are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.